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Burlington, NC


My passion for photography began at age 7. My Aunt was always taking pictures at every family gathering and holiday dinner, and I enjoyed the pictures she sent us. Finally I was given my first camera. It was a hand-me-down "sea foam green" Savoy from the 1960's, that only shot 600 speed film. Through my childhood and early twenties, I always took a camera with me and shot using a variety of film, point-and-shoot cameras, as well as a number of digital cameras (still and video). I was that daring kid; climbing out onto rocks in the middle of a river to get shots of kayakers and canoes in the early spring race. I took pictures of scenery, animals, etc. I also used to video local bands my friends were in; and then convert them to photos for flyers.

I am now offering my works on a professional level with selling fine art images, as well as offering photography services for a variety of areas.

Besides still life; I have produced videos, slideshows, and dynamic worship backdrops for church services and local artist needs.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my recently released books or art as a mug, puzzle, apron, mouse pad, or other gifts; you can order here. You can keep up with my works and posts by FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER and LIKING ME ON FACEBOOK

Mission Statement:
Scott Hervieux Photography strives to capture the heart of America, whether it is the past, present, or future. All images represent American life, the American landscape, wildlife, and natural resources; through the use of fine art, photographic images, and video. As a part of capturing America, Scott Hervieux Photography also offers photographic services for events/gatherings, corporate head shots /portraits, real estate, after disaster, etc. Wedding ceremonies are not offered at this time.

Please see my additional website for ordering merchandise like mugs, mouse pads, aprons, puzzles, t-shirts, etc. I am sure you will find something that fits your tastes.


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