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Please Note This Blog Is Moving......

December 7th, 2014

Moving again.. Well My Blog that is...

Recently I took a long vacation from writing my blog. While, that is not good for keeping people visiting; I needed to think what to do with it. A couple of years ago I took it off a blog site as they were allowing downloading of my images, plus I got sick and tired of seeing all the ads. At first the ads were good as Google would pay me for each click on them; but the monetary portion went away and I was left with annoying ads that served me no purpose. Not to mention the content of the ads really did not reflect the purpose of my blog.
I then moved my blog to another site, but was disappointed as it only allowed one photo per entry, did not support video, and there was no way for people to buy images from the blog entries. Plus many have complained the pictures were too small to see.

Thus my new location...

I have permanently moved my blog to my main website, where it supports multiple photos, video, and also allows you to purchase the images if you choose. Here is a sneak peak as I get all my entries moved over. I think you will agree it is an improvement in both quality and content. Please note, not all entries will be moved, as some are no longer relevant.....


The winter that would not end

April 14th, 2014

The winter that would not end

If you're like me... You think the only good thing about winter is the occasional snowy landscape pictures you can take. The rest of the winter is just plain cold and miserable. Well, that is true when you live in Central North Carolina. We don't get many snowy days here, but we get the cold. Most of us hunker down and wait for the warmer spring weather that comes in March.

Unfortunately that did not happen this year.

March came in roaring like an untamed lion with cold, snow, and ice. This has been one of the coldest on record. The weather has caused a lot of tree damage, so there is still a lot of cleanup. Most of our early blooming flowers bloomed late (with the normal April blooms) that created heavy pollen, sending the allergy sufferers indoors.

The good news with a late bloom is that some of the landscape is showing more color than usual. But you have to be quick, as the blooms are not lasting as long. Typically in early march we see the crocus, followed by daffodils, then tulips along with the dogwood trees. This year many suburban areas are all blooming at once. I took a drive through Greensboro and some of the neighborhoods are magnificent with color. Still though, there are some areas that still show the scars of uprooted trees and broken limbs.

Temperatures lately have climbed into the eighties, but there is word of another frost this week that could kill off some of the flowers.

If you are headed out to take your favorite springtime photos. I suggest you hurry up and do it within the next few days before another cold snap and heavy rains set in.

What gear to take for spring blooms:

A point and shoot that is capable of both wide angle and close ups (one that has a setting symbolized by a flower).

If you are a DSLR shooter, I suggest a wide angle lens and a macro lens.

In both cases a tripod will help steady your shot. Be sure to take one where the legs fold out letting you get close to the ground.

Make sure you to on a days with no wind, unless you are looking for blurry abstract images.

Until next time...

My Photography Business

January 27th, 2014

My Photography Business

In addition to fine arts, I am now offering services for your photographic needs. These include:

On-Location Portraits

Events (candids and on-location portraits) - Weddings not currently being offered.

Corporate Head-shots

Band Performances

Real Estate MLS listings

Shots for publication (web articles, brochures, magazines, ads, etc).

Restoration of old film-based prints and conversion to digital. Please contact to see if your old memories can be saved.

Green Screen for digitally applied backgrounds.

All your images will be accessible in a private / password protected gallery for purchases as prints, gifts, and private & commercial licensed web quality downloads. CD delivery of your images are shied-away at. This is because of copyright / sharing issues and CD's do degrade over time. See this video on Data Rot.
Images purchased as prints are processed by top-professional labs, and are available in a number of mediums including:


Traditional sizes (wallets, 4 X 6, 8 X 10, and other sizes), framing and matting available at time of order.


Apparel (t-shirts, aprons)

Greeting Cards


Keepsakes (gift boxes, etc).

Custom orders for purses, photobooks, etc.

Fine Arts

Enjoy, while you can.. - October 23, 2011

January 27th, 2014

Enjoy, while you can.. - October 23, 2011

Today, I took a little walk around the pond at "Bass Lake Park and Retreat Center", in Holly Springs NC. As I was coming out of woods, I spotted a young boy fishing with his father. It seems like forever, but also seems like yesterday since I was doing this with my dad at 10 years of age. Life just seems to move so quickly. Now I am in my 40's and my dad passed away 18 years ago.

Today was a beautiful day with temps in the upper 60's to low 70's and a light breeze. It felt good to be out in the sun enjoying nature after a stressful week. Hard to believe in just 6 short weeks we will be thinking about Christmas an complaining about the cold and snow. Well, in North Carolina we do not see much snow; just enough to make it pretty and then it is gone in a day or two. But we still complain when it comes. So I say, get out and enjoy this nice fall weather while you can. And that is just what I did. This little park was nice for the wife and I. She is not much of an out-doorsy type; but I was able to leave her sitting on the oversized rockers on the porch overlooking the lake; while I went in search of doing some photography. I only snapped a few pictures of some turtles, ducks, and a few late blooming flowers. But any day doing photography is a good day.

Last week we took a venture to Hanging Rock State Park, to the north in Danbury, NC. My wife is not much of a trail walker; but she enjoyed the day as much as I did. The weather was gorgeous again, and the fall colors were just starting to peak.